Programs In Design Technology


Drafters prepare technical drawings and plans used by production and construction workers to build everything from manufactured products, such as toys, toasters, industrial machinery, and spacecraft, to structures, such as houses, office buildings, and oil and gas pipelines. Traditionally, drafters sat at drawing boards and used pencils, pens, compasses, protractors, triangles, and other drafting devices to prepare a drawing manually. Most drafters now use computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) systems to prepare drawings. This is why drafters are referred to as CADD operators. And this is what you will be taught at PTI.

Computer Aided Drafting has four categories, all taught at PTI. Mechanical Drafters, Structural Drafters, Architectural Drafters and Civil Drafters.


Architectural Drafting

Architectural Drafters produce residential housing plans: they draw architectural and structural features of buildings and other structures. If you live in the Sacramento area, you have no doubt witnessed a booming residential construction (housing) market. This has contributed to an increase in demand for drafters thereby providing a lot of opportunities for our graduates.

Structural Drafting

Structural Drafters are very similar to Architectural Drafters, except they focus more on commercial buildings and steel structures. Structural Drafters work on major civil engineering projects, such as highways, bridges, parking facilities, and flood-control structures. The coursework includes civil drafting fundamentals, computer-aided design (CAD) training, modeling and animation, and surveying fundamentals. The job outlook for Structural Drafters is expected to remain good in the next decade, as major portions of American’s infrastructure need to be updated or replaced.

Civil Drafting

Civil Drafters work on land development and roadways; they prepare drawings and topographical and relief maps used in major construction or civil engineering projects, such as highways, bridges, pipelines, flood control projects, and water and sewage systems.

Mechanical Drafting

Mechanical Drafters produce manufacturing drawings: they prepare detail and assembly drawings of a wide variety of machinery and mechanical devices, indicating dimensions, fastening methods, and other requirements.


DESKTOP PUBLISHING (program available only online)

PTI has been awarded approval by the State of California to provide desktop publishing training. The program, which is 420 hours long, will be offered only online. After completing our desktop publishing course, you will achieve competence in Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop abd QuarkXpress.

WEB DESIGN (program available only online)

The growth of the Internet and the expansion of the World Wide Web (the graphical portion of the Internet) have generated a variety of occupations related to the design, development, and maintenance of Web sites and their servers. For example, webmasters are responsible for all technical aspects of a Web site, including performance issues such as speed of access, and for approving the content of the site. Internet developers or Web developers, also called Web designers, are responsible for day-to-day site creation and design.

PTI has been awarded approval by the State of California to provide web design training. The program, which is 360 hours long, will be offered only online. Course content will include Advanced Photoshop, language & coding principles of Dreamweaver, Flash, JAVA Script, HTML, ASP, PHP, CSS, FTP, Telnet and SSL.


Employment Prospects

Placement assistance including a resume, internet job search and interviewing skills and techniques is offered to all graduates. Companies who employ drafters include industries that specialize in architectural & engineering services; building construction; machinery manufacturing; architectural and structural metal manufacturing; local government offices; metalworking machinery manufacturing; ship and boat builders as well as scientific research and development services. Employers who hire desktop publishers include newspapers, periodicals, book and directory publishers, print shops and service bureaus. And web designers are needed everywhere!

Over the past fourteen years, PTI has been told that the quality of graduates exceeds the expectations of employers, and it is considered to be second to none in quality training. This kind of reputation is earned strictly by confident graduates that worked hard in class and even harder on the job.