Wednesday, May 2, 2007

AutoCAD Architecture 2008 Info

If you are one of the cutting edge users that install your 2008 Autodesk software as soon as you receive it, you may run into a problem with a deployment of either AutoCAD Architecture 2008 or AutoCAD MEP 2008. See here.

Also, you may not be aware that Viz Render is no longer included with the product. It was only a basic version, but has been eliminated. Since vanilla AutoCAD began really adding 3D visualization in 2007 and enhanced it in 2008, the idea is that you can take advantage of this built-in capability with AutoCAD Architecture. If you do serious rendering, you will need to purchase a full seat of Viz or for more serious rendering a full seat of 3ds Max.

Of course if you could use Revit Architecture that has great and easy built-in rendering! (personal opinion of course)

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ADT Book Recommendation

I finally received my copy of the book that was co-authored by two of ADT greats, Paul Aubin and Matt Dillon. I mentioned it previously when it was released, but due to waiting lists and printing mistakes it somehow never got ordered until now.

I can't recommend enough that you rush right out and buy Autodesk Architectural Desktop An Advanced Implementation Guide, Second Edition. I have flipped through the pages and just the table of contents is impressive. I can't wait to start reading it.

I especially like the sounds of Chapter 2 CAD Standards Assessment with topics such as Existing CAD Standards Assessment through Living Up To The Standards.

Even if you are just thinking about CAD Standards within your firm in using ADT of any version, I would make this mandatory reading.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hello World

Hello world.